N-COG Spiral is barbed spirally and multi-directionally. In other word, multi-directional cogs are barbed spirally. This unique feature enhances tissue holding force and makes it very distinctive from other 3D bi-diretional barbed thread. The middle of traditional bi-directionally barbed thread gets the most stress and stress gradually decreases according to the distance from the center. N-COG Spiral PDO thread is designed to achieve that every cogs are stressed almost same as cogs located in the middle of bi-directional thread.

N-COG Spiral PDO Thread has new type of cogs which can distribute stress and hold tissue stronger base on multi-directional cogs. after insertion. If target site is expected to move a lot or anchoring site is weak, N-COG Spiral PDO would be the best option.

Extra ordinary lifting strength : More anchoring in 360°

Even distribution of strength : Multi-directional cogs hold tissue more evenly.

No unexpected results : No dimple, inflammation, and protrusion

Thin area to thick area : Better performance to all applicable site


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